Chipotle Tomatillo Salsa

    I was driving home from my run this afternoon, sweaty, tired and absolutely starving.

    I was in no mood to deal with today’s neighborhood shenanigans of my new homeless neighbors and the fact they are constantly in my way. ( I tried to remedy this situation the other night by sitting in my driveway blasting Rent, the musical from my Subaru’s speakers when I got home from work at midnight.)
    They must be a fan of musicals because they are still present, p.o.s. Truck still parked almost in my driveway again this morning.
    As I approached my street from the highway, dying to take off my running shoes and jump in a hot shower, there was traffic control.
    That’s when I noticed the prisoners.
    Can my neighborhood get any more ghetto?
    Why yes it can.
    The Pilot Rock Prisoner work crew was clearing the brush and debris along the side of the highway, preparing for the coming winter.
     As I watched the prisoners strolling around my neighborhood WITH CHAINSAWS I thought to myself, really maybe giving prisoners chain saws is a bad idea.
     Than of course I wondered what these guys did and I hoped that none of them made a break for it, with their chainsaws into my neighborhood.
     When I finally made it home, and locked my front door, I made this amazing salsa for lunch.

Chipotle Tomatillo Salsa

1 bag dried chipotle peppers
2 cups water
4 tomatillos
2 limes juiced
1 tab salt
1 tab garlic
1 bunch cilantro

Toast the peppers in a sauce pan.
Add the water.
Bring the chipotle peppers to a boil.
Reserve half cup of the water.
( save the rest for carnitas or for spicy corn soup!)
In a food processor combine the peppers, water, tomatillos, line juice, salt, garlic and cilantro until combined.

This salsa is great if you cool carnitas on the preserved chipotle water and add corn, feta and cabbage to a corn tortilla.