Beaver Cheese

      “What the hell is Beaver Cheese?”     

       Before Trav can even answer me I move on to my next and completely logical question        
     “And who the hell milks the beavers?”
        ” And how the hell do you milk a beaver?!”
      If we were still at sea level maybe his comment about Gouda cheese would have been easier to digest.
      But we are at over nine thousand feet.
     Almost on top of a freaking mountain.
     I’m wheezing so hard I can barely get any air in my poor lungs and my ears have not popped yet at the altitude.
     I may have more of a hearing problem than usual.    And I would like to know what kind of sick fuck milks beavers!
     Also that seems highly unsafe; have you seen their teeth?
     I don’t think a beaver would enjoy being milked.
     This was just one of many conversation that took place on the  treacherous hike up San Gorgonio.
     It was one of the few conversations that did not begin with
     “Good god Amber, what did you eat?!”
    “What happened to fresh mountain air!?”
     So I just thought I would share it.
     Just one more instance of me not being able to hear, well pretty much ever.
    Maybe I could not hear over my constant wheezing as we raced up switch backs, me setting a murderous pace as we traversed over mountain sides and up ridge lines. I wanted to summit by noon, I’d read online that a summit can be made in four and a half hours.
I’m a fast hiker and figured four and a half hours no prob.

      I did not take into account snowy trails and taking the time to fall off of snowy trails and than recover from said fall. ( Especially  when it felt like my hand was broken for a while but I just think it was insane snow burn from sliding down a icy twenty foot mountain)
       I recovered and we carried on up San Gorgonio and asked such interesting questions like where the hell would you possibly come across a pizza with a beaver cheese garnish?
       Trav would like me to get my hearing checked as soon as we get off this mountain.

To be continued…


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