BBQ Turkey Tacos with Corn and Feta

I’ve been running a lot this week. Like a lot, a lot. As in I did a thirteen mile run three days ago and I did a twelve mile run yesterday. The strange thing is, I have not been sore at all.
After I run twelve miles, well, okay, at mile eight when I’m still three or four miles from the car, all I can think about is going home and devouring three or four of these Turkey Tacos

Turkey tacos

hot sauce
1/2 cup feta
1 cup cabbage, shredded
1 cup ground turkey
1 ear corn, cut off cob
1/2 cup BBQ sauce
coconut oil
corn tortillas

In a sauce pan cook the ground turkey. Add the corn and BBQ sauce. Fry each taco shell in coconut oil. In each taco shell, assemble BBQ turkey, feta, cabbage and hot sauce.