Balsamic Dried Peaches and Strawberries

      My dad is famous for bringing home “treasures” he finds on the sides of the interstate.

       He works as a long haul trucker and this affords him the chance to pick up peaches fresh from Georgia in the spring and New Mexico Hatch Chilies whenever he drives through the
state of New Mexico.
       It also means he sees life jackets dotting I-10 in between Los Angeles and Havasu in the spring time quite constantly and I’m sure there must be at least twenty life jackets he has collected over the years between my parents garage and the storage compartment of their fifth wheel.
      Last spring I had mentioned that I wanted a food dehydrator for my birthday and when I saw my dad was calling me a few days after that it was with the great news that he had been driving past a yard sale in Arizona and spotted a almost new dehydrator!
       He picked it up for me for five bucks!
       And I have been drying pieces of deliciousness ever since!

Balsamic Dried Strawberries and Peaches

6 peaches
20 strawberries
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
1 tsp sea salt

Slice all the peaches and all the strawberries thin enough to fit in your dehydrator trays.
Marinate the fruit for half an hour in the balsamic vinegar.
Set the slices on the trays and sprinkle each tray with a little salt.
Let dry 12-15 hours until the fruit is dried to your liking.

This dried fruit is excellent in a capese salad!