A Day at the Track

     Last week we took a little day trip to Santa Anita where we enjoyed dollar beers and I embarrassed myself.
    Just a typical day.
   First we took pictures of all the horse racing celebrities we saw.

     Here is the great jockey (Now retired)  Eddie Delahousyee, next to trainer Patrick Gallager and John Henry’s Balls…
     Ha ha ha! That’s a joke, John Henry was a gelding.

      And here is me embarrassing myself in front of the guy who oh you know just won the Kentucky Derby last year!

      I was so Kathy Bates in Misery

     “I’m your biggest fan Doug!” I’ll tag you on the Face Book”

     Three dollar beers an I am beyond embarrassing.

     Thank god my keepers were there to make sure I stayed in line

I must have been a little sober because I did take a few pictures of horses in between dollar beers

    The new Zenyatta statue was gorgeous and we were so happy to finally get to see it in person.