A Bang and a Splash

    This year I celebrated my birthday with a bang and a splash

    It started out a normal birthday lunch.
    My boyfriend and I were trying out a new restaurant sitting outside under the pines and enjoying the gorgeous still late summer weather. There were thunderstorms building in the forest behind us but at our table in the sunshine the day was still warm and it felt like the most prefect summer day.
     Until I ordered the chili rellenos.
     We munched on some corn chips waiting for our meal, planning our upcoming Vegas vacation while waiting for our entrees.
     His whole fried tilapia fish came out first and it looked delicious, fried crispy and still staring at me with cold dead deep fried fish eyes.
      Seconds later the waitress approached our table with my chili rellenos taco combo but her shoe caught the wood of the outside deck and before you could say happy birthday my entire lunch landed in my lap, down the front of my sweater and pretty much every where.
     It was like something out of a movie!
     On my first birthday my parents got me my own miniature birthday and I destroyed it.
     There are pictures of me with cake in my hair, in my ears and it’s decorated my entire party dress.
     Thirty three years later and it’s pretty much the same scenario only replace birthday cake with spicy chilies and ground beef.
       I felt so bad for the poor waitress. We had already told her it was my birthday and she felt so very bad. She helped me clean up and I picked at A’s fish as we waited for the kitchen to refry a new chili rellenos for me. ( His tilapia was delicious by the way; I must order this again!)
       When my chili rellenos platter did come out it was actually really good and we will eat at this restaurant again for sure!