2015; A Year of Walkabouts and Bed Pans

2015 has been a year of firsts for me. My first time sleeping in an airport. ( Honolulu Airport New Years Eve) 2015 was also the year I learned to swim ( in Australia at Manly Beach, the same beach where there was a shark sighting at the same time) And 2015 was the first time I stayed over night in a hospital.

As soon as I walked into my hospital room, my new home for two days, I realized my roommate had to be from the mountains. Her Stevie Nicks like voice seriously was not quite for a minute during my entire hospital stay. She spent two days talking to every one she knew about her cats on speaker phone on her Iphone. It was like a window into a scary future I could have if I continued my cat lady ways (But without the lung cancer) On my second day in the hospital I found out she was from Lake Isabella, not my mountains per say, but the mountain range to the north of us. (My original intuition of her being mountain folk was correct)

I was really hoping to have no roommate for my hospital stay but it didn’t work out that way.

As far as I can tell my new roommate lives in a trailer park and used to be a smoker.

I know this because this fancy hospital I’m staying in gave her nicotine patches for free! Aren’t those things expensive?! I really don’t know, I have never, ever in my life smoked anything but they keep them locked up with the baby formula at Von’s so I assume they are pretty expensive. Only in the United States of America would they give you nicotine patches for free in the hospital. As it’s our great countries birthday weekend I cant help but think to myself, we are spoiled so rotten in this country.

Workers compensation sent a limo service to pick me from my mountain home two hours from the hospital where I am having my surgery in Los Angeles, so yes, I am spoiled too. But there is no way I could drive myself safely to and from the hospital, especially since it took me much longer to recover from my surgery than anticipated and I came out of the hospital with the kind words from my doctor.

“Take the Norco for three to five days until your pain goes away. Do not stop taking it until your pain is gone” So if workers comp insists on sending a limo service for me than good for them. It was nice, it reminded me of my friend’s wedding where we used a limo service similar to Elite Limousine (www.elitelimoct.com/fairfield-limo-service/) to get from the church to the venue.

The Fourth of July is in two days and as I celebrate this glorious country of ours I will celebrate by recovering from surgery with friends and I plan to paint my toenails. Painting my toes is finally a realistic-looking goal after six months of chronic pain. The pain has been truly unbearable. I’ve spoken to a few friends who have also suffered from chronic pain and they both suggested that I check out avidhempcbd.com and get some CBD treatment. I’ve never tried that sort of thing before and my pain is thankfully lessening but if it does start to come back I’ll definitely consider CBD.

Okay so painting my toenails may not sound like a big thing but I have not been able to touch my toes in over two months! It’s been such a hard period of time but I’m so glad I’m finally coming out the other end.


  1. gretchen

    lol. After being able to not touch my broken foot for so long, I trimmed my toenails. It was strangely awesome. Glad you’re on the mend.

    1. Post
      Amber Woodyard

      Glad you are on the mend! You do need to make it up to Big Bear some day. Next weekend?

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