You Too Can Potty Train a Kitty Cat!

I love my boyfriend because he’s just as wild and crazy as I am, like when he decided that we should toilet train our cats. Who’s the crazy cat lady now? Okay yes, I do have loads of pictures of my fur babies on my phone and bought a shark cat bed the other day but it’s okay because now my boyfriend is just as bad! And that’s how I found myself on a Wednesday morning trying to explain to our housekeeper in very limited Spanish not to clean the downstairs bathroom because us weird white people are trying to teach a feline to pee in a toilet

“Los banos gatos purr-favor?”

I’m pretty sure I deserve the look that is only reserved for eccentric white people like me.

I spent all last week trying in a desperate way to get back in shape after a frustrating year of not being able to run, barely being able to hike and mainly reading a lot of good books and focusing on my blogging and writing. Writing a lot and cooking a lot means I am not in the shape I was a year ago and as I pounded out a few meager miles last week I felt it in every step on every snowy mountain peak from San Gorgonio to Mt Baldy.

I stared up at the Mt Baldy ski hut from one hundred feet below it and finally just gave up. My legs felt like jelly and my lungs hurt from the cold forty mile an hour winds blowing off the peak of Mt San Antonio. I needed to return home to try to coral the angry cats into using the toilet again anyways.

I felt like poo for how little I had accomplished this week until I looked at my Strava App when I got home and saw I had actually done almost four thousand feet in altitude gain this week in those two hikes alone! Suddenly I felt way better!

Until I returned home to Cats Gone Wild. I spent all week bragging about how smart the felines were and how easy it is to toilet train a cat.

Than I came home to mutiny.

The cats decided to pee in the dogs bed because, well, cats are assholes.

This is why no one toilet trains a cat.


  1. DZ Dogs

    We tried to potty train our two kitties, I did it in teensy tiny itty bitty steps but we ended up giving up. I managed to train our boy kitty to pee/poo in the toilet but our girl I couldn’t. We tried for almost a whole year and I got super tired of cleaning up accidents, yuck!
    SO back to the good ole kitty box for us, and no more cleaning up accidents where they are not welcome.

    1. Adrian Holloway

      I’ve had about enough this week! Good for you for making it a whole year! My young kitten/cat is doing great but the old man cat is just not getting it!

  2. Barbara Rivers

    MOL!!! I only have 2 dogs and their potty training was super easy (I had the advantage of getting the pups at 8 weeks of age), so I don’t have a whole lot of experience toilet-training cats…your post sure made me grin though 😉

    P.S. That’s an amazing picture of your hike.

  3. Rosie (@greenrosielife)

    Hahahahahahah – I was really hoping you had succeeded but kitties have proven once again who is boss and will pee where-ever they so please! Thanks you for adding this post to #AnimalTales and the Oct one will open in an hour or so.

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