White Stilton stuffed French Toast

Use your favorite White Stilton with fruit for this. I prefer White Stilton with Apricots, but its also good with Cranberry White Stilton, If I use whole grain bread and coconut oil this recipe is healthy right? Right? Apricots are high in fiber? I’m really reaching here, I know. This is an excellent recipe to use up left over bread machine bread, or just save all your left over bread crusts and make this easy french toast!

White Stilton stuffed French Toast

4 slices whole grain bread
2 eggs
1/4 cup Greek yogurt
coconut oil
white Stilton cheese
nutmeg or Cinnamon
good quality maple syrup

turkey bacon on the side

Mix the eggs, Greek yogurt and vanilla. Dredge the bread slices in it. Fry the french toast in 1 tab coconut oil, before turning over sprinkle with the spices. After you turn the bread over, lay a slice of cheese over the top. Fry a few pieces of the turkey bacon in the same pan while your doing all this. Serve all with good quality maple syrup.

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