Romney Hates Fido!

    I voted for Mitt Romney a few years ago. 

    I’m not proud of that fact but in 2012 what was my other choice; vote for Obama and a life time of Obama Care ahead for our great nation?
    Hell no; Mitt might have not been the best choice but I went with the conservative choice in the long run.
     At least having a conservative in the white house will not erase the war on drugs, open up our borders and give us all free health care.
    And I thought that was behind me me back in 2012.
    Until today.
    As I wondered through my local Trader Joe’s grocery store parking lot I spied a SUV with a Dogs Against Romney bumper sticker.
    And I was extremely confused.
    Dogs Against Romney?
    Why would dogs hate Mitt Romney?
    Thank god for Wikipedia; there it was at my finger tips.
    The infamous Mitt Romney Irish Setter Incident of 1983.

    It seems that in 1983 good ‘ol Mitt Romney ( well, he was actually 36 at the time) decided to take a road trip with his Irish setter tied to the roof of his SUV.
     Okay well ol red was actually in a home made kennel but yes good old Mitt drove his dog to the ocean on a twelve hour road to Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada eh.
      Yes Mitt, almost the president all those years later, drove almost 650 miles with an Irish setter strapped to his roof.
      Sounds kind of wacky but cone on, it was the eighties! Laws, what laws? You could ride  motorcycles with out a helmet back in the day and there were not seat belt laws! We ate gluten back than for God’s sake!
    And this is just one more reason for liberals to hate Mitt Romney.
    This bumper sticker was on a newer looking SUV too so this individual who obviously loves dogs and hates Mitt is still upset about the great Irish Setter Incident of 1983 all these years later.

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