Needles, Cats and Ponies

Today I crossed the line and I became one of those Californians people on the east coast must roll their eyes at.

All because I was inquiring about acupuncture for my cat.

I’m not sure if this puts me in the crazy cat lady category or the crazy holistic non GMO Californian category.

Working at the race track you meet the most interesting people. Sometimes it’s interesting in a good way. Those are the good days. (as in the days when you are not interacting with super drunk people and waiting for security to show up and arrest them. It helps to be friends with the security guys. I learned that day three.) Today at work I met the sweetest group of little Asian ladies and I showed them the ins and outs of our wagering apparatus and taught them how to wager. Than I watched as they placed about four hundred dollars worth of win wagers on the three horse, who had previously been at thirty to one. These ladies had to know something or some one, I was thinking.

My coworker confirmed they actually were there with the owner of the horse. That’s when I decided to put down a measly two dollar win place show on this horse thinking these ladies were getting really serious for such a long shot.

Most everyone I talked with on this Friday at Santa Anita had inquired on what was wrong with my ankle and why I was wearing a brace. I probably had to explain at least 20 times on Friday that I pulled a tendon in my ankle while trail running.  When I gave this answer to the sweet Asian ladies, their leader, the one with the gorgeous antique looking jewelry pulled out some random looking… Were they band aids? They came from her very expensive designer hand bag and she assured me she owned a highly productive needles-less acupuncture company and she was going to do acupuncture on me right than and make my pain go right out of the window.

I was a little wary about this all going down when I was supposed to be working but she really wanted to thank me for helping them learn to wager and it turned out to just be a band-aid looking thing she put on my foot. I had images flashing through my head of her putting needles in my foot right there on the apron of Santa Anita as I was working!

This Lifewave homeopathic technology had my pain reduced to almost nothing in less than a minute! Not only that but within a few days my pain was gone completely! I’m planning on buying a few of these amazing patches for their other uses; including helping with sleep, and energy and inflammation (Which I seem to get any time I get hurt!) The sweet lady helping me even told me that I can use them on my cat for his allergy problem (Instead of taking him to the vet for a steroid shot that is terribly hard on his pancreas, every few months.)

And that, right there is how I became the crazy cat lady who gets acupuncture for her cat.


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