It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ( Cats in Sweaters Edition!)

      Do you think this sweater will fit my cat?” The weary Target employee, already looking haggard with trying to be nice to customers in early November, gives me a dirty look. I can almost hear his thoughts coming through his dead retail eyes; Why the hell is this girl buying a sweater for her cat?

      She must be from the mountains.
      To be fair, this is not the first Christmas I played dress up with the cats to make Christmas cards.
       It all started when I was twelve. At the time we had something like five or six cats. All the cats hated each other. So my dad thought it would be a great idea to put scarves and cute headbands on the cats, (and the kids) to take a holiday picture.
       This plan would turn into much crying and hissing and I’m sure many people ( and pets) were scared of Christmas pictures for years to come after the photo session was finally complete.
( imagine cats instead of feral dogs; yeah that’s pretty much what happened)
      This is how holiday memories are made.
     At least in our family.
     Fast forward twenty years and I am telling my boyfriend to wear his ugliest sweater for our first holiday card picture together.
      Also he will be holding one of my cats wearing a ugly sweater.
      Best holiday card ever!


  1. Emma Lander

    This is so funny and your latest photo seems more of a success than the earlier one. I love the one with the dogs though. I bet there were lots of smiles when recipients opened the cards that year 🙂

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