Braving a Blizzard Because Kittens

I better have the most amazing abs ever after this past five days of shoveling so much snow!

I have barely stopped shoveling snow for five days now. We have so much snow in our little mountain town that we have barely left the house in close to a week now. (I did leave the neighborhood one time briefly. I was lured out by kittens. Who can say no to kittens? Even during the worst storm ever)snow-kittens

Luckily we were completely prepared to be snowed in for days and days on end. We had plenty of healthy food, we had a fridge full of veggies and we had more then enough wine. We were ready for the snow storm! Bring it on mother nature!


Than we decided to take our thirteen year old snowshoeing through a dry lake bed (Which was covered in four feet of snow) Yeah, that may have not been the best idea. I thought at one point my boyfriend would have to carry her back.

That was two days ago, when we took advantage of a minor break between storm systems and went snow shoeing on Baldwin Lake; a seasonal lake in our neighborhood which is normally dry with the current drought situation. I was out snowshoeing with my dog in the neighborhood a week ago and was shocked that the houses surrounding Baldwin Lake are once more lake front homes! Our neighbor was telling us that in 1977 when he moved to the mountains people used to actually water ski on Baldwin Lake! Normally in the spring time and summer we mountain bike through the dry lake bed. This spring we may actually have to find a new place to mountain bike if this heavy snow keeps up!snow- Baldwin lake

We had three feet of snow a few days ago in the first storm, then rain all yesterday evening and torrential winds. Instead of getting out in our driveway and shoveling the mushy wet slush we decided to have cocktails on the front porch, turn on the heating lamps and watch the torrential down pour and our neighbors shoveling out their driveways.

This morning as I shoveled sixteen inches of snow on top of wet slush I was cursing our happy hour decision of last evening. My back was telling me we definitely made the wrong choice last night. Okay maybe my liver was also telling me I made the wrong decision.snow-liver


No, actually my liver is fine but this hear bowl of calves liver was more than ready for a Liver Fry on Saturday night! This big ass bowl of liver fed all our friends and neighbors in between storms on Saturday evening. One wonderful things about small town life; All our good friends live within walking distance! Which is awesome on a cold blustery snowy night when no one wants to drive on slippery snowy mountain roads.

Especially when we decide to have a dinner party which quickly becomes us drinking to much wine and dressing our cats up in the latest mountain cat fashion.snow-Uncle Sy

Don’t judge me. When you have been stuck indoors for many snowy days dressing up the cats seems like a great idea!

After the party Saturday night, this is how our cats really feel about us.

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