My Night Out on the Town with Barock

      What one event would absolutely not be on my bucket list?
      Going on a date with Barack Obama.
      I could skip it.
      I would rather go the Kentucky Derby or climb Manchu Pichu.
      And than the other night this happened.
     Yes, that is a caricature of me and seemingly the 44th President of the United States. 
      According to this caricature that is what I did with my weekend.
     In all actuality I went to the Los Angeles County Fair with my boyfriend and we had caricatures done and than had some craft beers and ate way to much fried and delicious food.
     It may have slipt my mind that I am dating Barock Obamas doopleganger until that evening.
     A night out on the town with Barock O Bama may seem like part of my worst nightmare but it was an amazing fun night!
       We rode the Ferris wheel, ate delicious lobster grilled cheese and found  the only open bar at the LA County Fair!
      It may appeared, briefly, that I am dating the 44th President of the United States but that’s okay.
      I stuffed myself full of fried pork belly bacon and lobster grilled cheese until I felt better.


  1. Francene Stanley

    Lucky escape to be sure. That is, if you consider food superior to stimulating conversation. Didn’t you want to share all the problems on the man’s shoulders? I don’t blame you. Much better to have fun and leave the stress to the man who signed up for it. Who’d want to be the president?

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