How to Pill a Cat

     The first time I tried to force my cat to swallow a vet prescribed antihistamine it was easy.
      He had no idea what was going on as I pried his little mouth open and threw a tiny pill back there!
      I felt like a champion!
      “What is all the fuss about? Pilling a cat is easy!”
     Until the next morning when he realized what was going on and fought and shook and tossed his head and it was impossible to get the pill in his mouth hole.
     Once I finally succeed in forcing the pill into his mouth, he absolutely would not swallow it.
     I tried rubbing his throat the way the vet suggested.
     Every time I pried open his angry little mouth that white pill was still sitting on his tongue and his cold yellow eyes were glaring at me, as in,
     “Why on earth would you DO this to me!?”

      Because pilling a cat was not enough of an adventure the next day I decided to take my other cat over to my parents house to have a play date with their extremely friendly kitten/ cat Abby while I shoveled the driveway.
     Of course I brought Zion over on his leash because every cat enjoys going for a walk. ( or a drag)
     Everything was going fine until Yoda the male cat strutted downstairs and was very angry at Zion, another male cat for being in his territory.
     So it was time to leave and I set Zion in the snow atop a snow berm as I unlocked the car and set all my belongings in the car.
      The problem with this was that Zion was very upset after Yoda growled at him and went completely limp when I set him on the snow berm and just fell straight into the nearest puddle.
      I turned around, still holding the other end of the leash, and just stared at my soaking wet cat, laying in the puddle and crying miserably. Maybe I’m mean but was pretty hilarious.

      I found this on the Internet, a fun read…

     How to Pill a Cat


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