Ginger Citrus Juice with Grapefruits, Clementines and Blood Oranges

    This seems like a dream.
    Or a night mare.
    Less than a month ago I was having a conversation with Phil and Annette, trying to reschedule a date we all could all meet up for sushi night.
    Yesterday over two hundred and fifty cyclists participated in a memorial bike ride honoring Phil and his contribution to the local cycling community.
    It was an amazing turn out and glorious to see as the streets and canyon roads of our communities filled with the colorful jerseys of local biking clubs.
    It’s been a hard month and its so hard to imagine that a month ago was Christmas time and remember Annette and how happy she was as she showed me the sparkly bracelet the love of her life gave her for Christmas.
    That day feels like it was years ago now.
    Phil was an avid gardener and a few days ago I went with my friend K to his garden and we picked the fresh snap peas and pasilla peppers that were starting to wither on the vines.
    We said some prayers and we stood there in the mast suburban garden and we thanked Phil for the edible treats he grew for us and the contribution he gave to our lives.
    He is a man we will never forget.
   This citrus juice was made with all citrus from Phil’s garden

Ginger Citrus Juice

3 pink grapefruits
2 blood oranges
3 clementine’s
1 chunk ginger ( size of a thumb)