Fig Pizza Explosion

After a day of risking my life in a dangerous hiking situation, I need pizza, and I don’t mean Domino’s. I need fancy mountain pizza. And yes, I will be making it on the bar B Q.
Sounds not to complicated, right? Except I left the pizza dough in my locker at work, so even though I was tired from five miles of hiking and mountain adventures, I had to stop at Stater Brothers to pick up the pizza dough.
My Pal, Jason, was sitting in the front seat next to me as we sped home to make some pizza creations. I guess I was driving pretty fast up Kuffel canyon and with the elevation change this happened.
Yes, the pizza dough exploded in the tube.
Mountain living at its finest.
No worries, this dough had a little extra time to rise on the drive home.
Fig Pizzas
1 roll refrigerated pizza dough
balsamic vinegar, reduced
sharp white cheddar cheese
olive oil
roast the figs with a splash of olive oil for 25 minutes at 375. Cut the figs into pieces. Add to the balsamic vinegar and honey on low heat for about ten minutes until the sauce reduces. Roll the dough in the cornmeal, oil both sides of the dough and place on low heat on the BBQ. Let the underside cook for about one minute until brown. Turn the dough, cover with figs and the shredded cheese. Close the cover on the grill and bake another minute or two until the cheese is melted and both sides of the dough are brown.