Date Banana Smoothie

   Although I live an hour from the date center of California, scenic Indio, home to date trees and lots and lots of meth, I had never had a date before a week ago.
    I have seen Date Shakes on menus of Southern California shake shacks for years and yet never tried one.
   I have a big ass tub of dates sitting on my counter and was thinking about making date shakes the other day.

   Than I thought, do I really want to buy ice cream, and than I will have to dispose of a half gallon off vanilla ice cream?
   I had the better idea to just put dates in my banana smoothie and see how that goes.

Banana Date Smoothie

4 dates
1 banana
1 cup almond milk
2 ice cubes

Pit the dates and grind in the blender. Add the banana, ice and almond milk.