Cats…Freedom on the Freeway… An Adventure with Dad

My father is a fan of saving a buck or two. When I was growing up that meant collecting spare cans and never turning on a single light.
I’m really good at seeing in the dark.
That means instead of fancy toys, growing up, we had cats, lots of cats. We always wondered how does catnip affect cats? My mom didn’t buy me dolls. She sewed me doll clothes from scratch and I put the doll clothes on the cats.
I loved it! I spent so much time with the cats growing up that I became a bit of a wiz when it came to looking after them using things like GlowCBD products to do so.
I feel every child should get to do the same awesome mountain things I did as a child. I had hobbies like building off road race tracks for my monster big wheels trucks in the dirt with my brothers. My parents let us play with box cutters and we would sharpen tree branches into spears and spend our days collecting acorns like Pocahontas. My parents did warn us acorns were poisonous to humans.
So our family was working class, not having a lot of money, we would drive down off the mountain to get a car full of cats at a time their shots at the Humane Society. The day of the infamous crazed cats in the car incident, I seem to recall right after all the cats were poked and prodded, we left all the cats in the car and my Dad took us bowling. I clearly remember this because it was the one and only time in my life I enjoyed bowling. So we just left three angry, recently prodded and poked cats in a hot car in the desert town of San Bernardino. Thank god the local homies didn’t steal our angry cats!
After a fun morning of bowling it was time to head home. The cats were angry and yowly, so my Dad thought we should let them ALL out of their carriers through out his tiny Honda Civic. Keep in mind, this Honda Civic also had three children in it. Lets just say the cats went bat shit crazy. I can still remember my huge long haired calico jumping on my Dad, claws extended and my Dad howling in pain, and trying not to swerve into traffic. Yes, the cats were quickly corralled and returned to their carriers before we made the twelve mile drive back up the mountain. Maybe next time we should invest in some cbd for cats or something similar to help relax them for car journeys similar to this. I’ve heard from friends that it works fantastically!


  1. Dana Hemelt

    Wow. What you call an adventure sounds like a nightmare to me, but that’s probably because I’m not a cat person. Any chance you have any photos of your cats dressed in doll clothing? That I have to see.

  2. opinion8dhermit

    I dressed our cats and dogs. I probably have a scar somewhere from dressing them! I was so happy the other day when my son played outside….yes! My neice once asked in all honestly, “play outside?never..what would you do outside?” Umm I could write a book of answers! I didn’t make swords with box cutters and sticks but I got to use the dremel unsupervised, and same with the bows and arrows….did my mom still carry them in Evelyn’s trunk in high school? I cannot remember.

  3. Jake

    Oh my. I’ve always wanted to have a cat, but I’m definitely a dog person. But I had a similar occurrence once where there were at least 4 or 5 cats let loose in a car I was in. My friend had decided it would be a brilliant idea to let them out. I probably still have the scratches to prove it.

  4. Natalie DeYoung

    This reminds me of an incident with my cat in the car, in which she climbed up under the dashboard and started howling…
    Sometimes I think my working-class childhood was much more fun for the imagination we had to use. 🙂

  5. Ken

    I think children who had to grow up inventing ways to amuse themselves, ended up better for it in the long run.

    One of my fondest adventures, growing up on the farm, was the day I accidentally rode a pig. Of course, it was also one of my most traumatic experiences as well, so……there is that.

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