Blood Orange Grapefruit Martinis with Ginger

    As any great vacation should begin; the second day of camping meant recovering from the first day of camping!
    We decided not to hike on our second day on thre Central Coast and instead do some touristy things.
    My girlfriends had never been to the Central Coast before and I showed them around the little seaside villages of Cayucos and Avila Beach.
    If you happen to camp at Morro Strand State Beach it is out of the way of a lot of things but there is a great little BBQ place in Morro Bay, Brick House BBQ with very reasonably priced lunches ( Two meats two sides for under $10!)
     A side trip to Cayucos is a must for any foodie.

    There is a cookie store!
    A store that just makes cookies!
    And they give free samples!
    See why Cayucos is so awesome!
    Not to mention we had excellent coffee and a coconut crème tea at O’Neill’s Coffee and Tea House. Try the white chocolate mocha; so good!
      There were so many great looking restaurants in the tiny town of Cayucos; it was killing me that I was not hungry when we arrived in town!
    After we returned home a good friend of mine asked me “You didn’t go to Ruddell’s Smoke House? Best smoked salmon tacos I have ever had!”
      So it is official; I need to get back to the tiny little hamlet of Cayucos one day soon.
     Here is a recipe for the Citrus Ginger Martinis we enjoyed way to much the first night of beach camping.
     We enjoyed them even more right after realizing that we had brought four tents with us and only one set of tent poles!

Blood Orange Grapefruit Martinis with Ginger

4 blood oranges

2 grapefruits
1 hunk ginger root
2 cups blue Italy citrus sparkling water
2-4 shots vodka

Juice the blood oranges, grapefruits and ginger. Chill the juice for an hour and mix with vodka and the sparkling water. Add ice and serve.