Beautiful Donut Diaster

     Yesterday I made a delicious donut disaster.

     You will not find a recipe here as I find what I did to these cookie butter donuts was shameful.
     If you really want to make Cookie Butter Donuts please check out

     And follow her instructions.
     Don’t try to get all crazy with coconut oil like I did last night.
     I have this coconut oil fetish right now.
     I put coconut oil in everything, especially baked goods.
     I’m not a fan at all of day old baked goods but the coconut flavor is so much more prominent the second day, I have actually been looking forward to day old Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies.
     So when I stumbled across a recipe for Cookie Butter Donuts I though hell yes I will make these at work tonight!
     But I thought to myself they will be so much better if I fry them in coconut oil instead of baking them!
     I use coconut oil for frying all the time and never have had a problem.
     Until today.
     The first batch of oil burned but yet the first batch of donuts were still raw inside.
     So I made my work place smell like burnt coconut oil and was just waiting for some one to come yell at me for burning the donuts.
     Than I had to throw out that batch of oil, two bottles of coconut oil wasted and start over.
     I burned the second batch of oil also but did manage to cook all the donuts first.
     I dunked some of them in cinnamon sugar and spread chocolate cookie butter on the other half.
     They turned out okay.
     I did eat way to many of them but I’m not impressed with myself tonight and these donuts were not worth hot oil popping in my face and my hair smelling like burnt coconut.
     If you are still cookie butter or coconut oil obsessed after reading all this please check out the cookie butter recipe.
     I would suggest substituting the veggie oil for coconut oil though.