Adventures in Bishop (Stealing Pillows Addition)

I should probably not make myself off as a
complaining little scalawag.
The kind of wench who steals pillows and lamp shades from hotel rooms but the Creek Side Inn located in Bishop had it coming to them.
We also had a fantastic reason for needing the pillows (we didn’t actually steal lamp shades; I was just joking about the lamp shades)
Four nights ago we camped at over 12,000 feet in the back of my boyfriends pick up truck.

It wasn’t bad sleeping in the back in the truck (well except for the frost we found on our toes when we woke up) sleeping in the back of the truck with one Teton sleeping pad under each of us was really sore in the back area in the middle of the night ( that’s what we get for training really hard and both losing weight before this massive hike! We had no fat left on our hips to insulate our hip bones)
As we drove into the tiny cowboy town of Bishop, California we joked about stealing pillows from the hotel to put under our hips for Tuesday’s night of sleeping in the back of the truck.

We were only joking.
That was before we attempted to check into our room we had reserved back in April. It was supposed to be a room with a balcony and a king bed ( I always insist on a room with a balcony as I love to sit on the balcony and blog and read and drink Pinot Grigio until the sun goes down) my boyfriend called two weeks ago to add an additional night to our stay.
Instead of treating us like lovely guests who are staying an additional night at their establishment the fine management team at Creek Side Inn dumped us in literally the worst room in the whole resort.
There was no balcony. No outside furniture even ( like every other single unit at the resort had!) if we had a little table and chair set out front maybe I would have been slightly less miffed. The defining factor of what made this the worst room ever ( I mean besides the fact that I had to actually call and request clean towels, not stained ones) was the fact that our patio door opened onto Highway 395. So I mean it was a great room if I wanted to wave at my dad ( he’s a truck driver) as he drove from Victorville, California to Lake Tahoe)
Every evening as the sun set low in the sky I would take my two pillows outside the patio door and try to read my book while sitting on my pillows and listening to the sound of 18 wheelers Jack brakes. Creek Side Inn?
Not to me; might as well been sleeping on the side of the highway!
And that is why I decided to liberate the pillows.


  1. Deb

    So…..probably shouldn’t go to the Creekside ‘Inn’. The name suggests quiet and calmness…..doesn’t sound like you received either. Viva La Liberation!!!

    1. Post
      Amber Woodyard

      Seriously; and this was supposedly the best hotel in Bishop! What makes me mad is that I actually researched this before hand!

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