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Curried Eggs with Sweet Potato Parathas

curried eggs

Curried eggs are an Anglo Indian delicacies most often enjoyed after a night on the town of Bangalore after “The Royal Challenge” Royal Challenge Scotch Whisky is the hard alcohol to drink when on vacation in Bangalore (Well for my boyfriend; I’ll stick to the very rare bottle of Australian white wine I managed to …

The Hungry Mountaineer’s Anglo Indian Slightly Healthier So Cali Fruit Cake

Baking an Anglo Indian authentic fruitcake is a lot more complicated than whipping up a pan of American style brownies or baking a Food Network-ish cheesecake. Yet, have no fear all ye Holiday bakers! The Hungry Mountaineer has made the best slightly healthier and much easier Anglo Indian Fruit Cake!

How to make Homemade Coconut Milk

A coconut should not reduce you to tears. No one should be afraid of a coconut but once upon a time I was. It was December, 2017, a happy holiday season until I became terrified of coconuts. Terrified of peeling them actually, not like I had a coconutphobia where I thought they would fall from …

Gluten Free Curried Tempura Calamari


One year ago today we were waking up to eighty degree mornings in our rented apartment in Bangalore. There were no snowy mornings hiking through fresh powder. No walks with my dog in her fanciest sweater through alpine valleys. The only snowflakes we saw were the cheap plastic ones on our fake Christmas tree in …