Food babe for president

This morning I came to a realization. I think I respect Food Babe’s point of view more than our current president. This quote from this article just hit my point home.

From her time as a delegate for North Caroljna at the 2014 DNC

“President Obama promised to label genetically modified foods during his campaign in 2007 but once elected into office, he abandoned this stance. Why? Upsetting Big Ag and the chemical industry was not going to help him get re-elected in 2012. Protecting the rights of American consumers and keeping his campaign pledge were obviously of secondary importance.”

While researching this I found a few very interesting articles.

This is one about Bill Clinton who calls himself a vegan but eats eggs and fish a few times a month.

This article is interesting as everyone knows that he suffers from Cardiac Vascular Disease and in 2004 he went on the South Beach Diet a diet that allows you to eat a shit ton of fat!

Was any one else surprised when this dumb dumb had to have an emergency quadruple bypass?

“Clinton admiringly tried to improve his diet after the surgery removing junk food from his diet”

What the fuck?

Seriously? Why even call yourself s vegan if you eat junk food? Now I’m not a fan of Kit Kats and Snickers bars but I’m pretty sure they have MILK chocolate in them and eggs!

As Food Babe put it in the ending of her article

“I am not sure how we can move this country “Forward,” as President Obama suggests, if our food policy and the resulting health of our nation continues to go backwards. Labeling GMOs will allow us all to finally understand what we are eating. As American citizens, it is our fundamental right to know what’s in our food.”

Food Babe for President 2016!


  1. Lesandre

    Food Babe is just one of many on this bandwagon. In our own state, Pamm Larry, a farmer near Chico, headed up the Label GMOs movement and what became prop 37. This proposition had over 60% support going into the polls. It had thousands of individual grassroots donors and activists who raised $9 million. This paled in comparison to the $45 million spent by the opposition (all “big ag gag” companies like Monsanto, Dow, DuPont, the Grocery Manufacturers of America, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, etc. and friends). They had no individual supporters or donors, no real people who thought, “Yeah, I want to continue to be ignorant of the provenance and adverse health effects of the food I’m feeding my kids.”

    $45 million buys a lot of lies on TV and junk mail. It was discovered, after the fact, that this $45 million also created false sample ballots. Both Republicans and Democrats endorsed the right to know what’s in your food, but many card-carrying voters learned otherwise from the false ballots and voted no. In the end we lost by 3%. That was only a few thousand votes, because voter turnout is so low.

    And I can see why! Why bother voting if you are always going to be outspent and finagled by corporate interests? The fact that money buys elections and shady practices aren’t given so much as a slap on the wrist means that even if we did elect Food Babe for president, it wouldn’t change anything. Anybody who makes it to a position of power, be it the presidency or Congress, is permitted or chosen to be there by the corporatocracy. Obama is a tool. And Food Babe would be too if she made it that far. And if she tried to stick to her guns, they would discredit her as a whore or thief or whatever story Fox/ABC/NBC/CBS/media machine says. Or they’d kill her. Lots of outspoken scientists have mysteriously died, disappeared or have had their careers destroyed for speaking out on issues like this.

    What do you do? Tax avoidance. Vote with your dollars. Start growing your own food or support your local farmer. Stop banking with the big banksters. Barter and trade where possible. Drop out as much as possible.

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