BBQ Buffalo Tacos with Feta

    In December of 1952 a air force plane, a DC 3 left Omaha Nebraska headed towards March Air Force Base in Riverside, California. By the time the plane reached Southern California there was a brutal snow storm in the area.
    This plane would never reach March AFB and instead crash landed some where in the San Gorgonio Wilderness.
    When I hiked the South Fork San Gorgonio Trail last week, I completely forgot that the sight of the crash was right on the Sky Line Trail on the way to the summit.
    A friend reminded me via the Face Book and I thought, shit, should have checked that out along the way; I was so close!
     So yesterday when I went back up the great South Fork Trail the goal was to make it to the DC 3.
    One day I will find that damn plane!

I swear the plane is right over there!

    I had about seven hours of hiking time with my friend Mary before I had to head back out of the San Gorgonio Wilderness and down the mountain to go to work.
    Yes, I hiked about seventeen miles before work yesterday.
    And no, I did not find the DC 3!
    I hiked two miles farther than I did the previous week and as I struggled up the rocky and snowy terrain I thought, I must have walked past the wreckage; the DC 3 has to be out here under the snow!

   Only when I got back down to the valley and Internet service did I see that the DC 3 remains sit below the last set of switch backs before the summit.
    I was about a mile below the summit and the switch backs must have been right around the corner!

  When I was doing research on this online the information I found stated that it was a C-47 that crashed yet everyone I know tells me it was a DC 3 so anyways there is some kind of 1950’s plane wreckage some where on this vast mountainside.
   Seriously one day I will find it.
   I think at this point its going to have to wait until my day off though. This hike is just to long to accomplish in one day.
  After the hike these BBQ Buffalo Tacos with Feta would be amazing!

BBQ Buffalo Turkey Tacos with Feta

1/2 cup ground buffalo
1/2 cup BBQ sauce
1/4 cup corn
1/2 cup feta cheese, crumbled
2 tab coconut oil
4 corn wheat tortillas
hot sauce

Cook the buffalo in a skillet until browned. Add the corn and BBQ sauce.
Cook the tortilla shells in the coconut oil until brown and crispy.
Fill each taco with buffalo, cheese, hot sauce and cabbage.


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