When it rains, it pours

I thought I was accomplishing things today.
And then my garbage disposal fell out of the sink. Great, that means time to get on the phone with one of the most popular Plumbers in Highlands Ranch.

Johnny was over helping me assemble the book shelf that I had just bought, plus I had just taken down all the ugly towel bars in the up stairs bathroom.
I was so productive today!
Something had to go wrong, right?
I had also just commented on the fact that my house was so poorly built in the seventies that I suspected it was built in Tijuana and then shipped to the mountains.
I pissed off the house with these words and now I have a broken garbage disposal and half a useless sink.
I had to cook this morning, didn’t I? And leave all the dishes.
Oh and now it appears my lap top might also be broken.
What the fuck does plugged in, not charging mean?
Thank the lord every single appliance in my house broke when my brother was only a mile away.
Thank god for little brothers with tools.
I was so looking forward to spending my fifty dollar Lowes card on paint, now it would appear I will be spending it on a new garbage disposal and possibly computer fixin’.
And that means going to Lowe’s to buy a new garbage disposal tomorrow after work. I still might call in professional help similar to the plumbers in Encino to help salvage the situation for the disposal at least, but if nothing does work, Lowe has a task on his hand!
The only other free time I have this week is Sunday morning, before we go to the Renaissance Faire, and I am not going to Lowe’s to be ogled in my Faire costume.
It is bad enough that the other day when I was running, I ran by a crew of “fire fighters” training in the forest and they all got to check out my ass in yoga pants.
Well it turns out those were not fire fighters; they were working convicts.
Damn, those were some cute criminals.