Welcome to Tahoe; It’s time to eat!

     Wednesday evening saw us driving from Mammoth Lakes to Lake Tahoe for snow shoeing (For me) and snow boarding (for him) We were staying at the Marriott Residence; the hotel looked awesome online. The one big problem was I checked out the hotel the day before we left and that’s when I realized it had a full kitchen. It was to late to buy any extra food at that point and I had already stocked up on road trip snacks like dried bananas,  Cliff Bars, trail mix and dried pears. It was a nice surprise to have a microwave and a full size fridge though.
   Yeah, this hotel was really nice.

One look from our room on the five floor down to the heated pool area and I was ready to go enjoy the jacuzzi in a snow storm.
After jacuzzi was accomplished we checked out the Fire and Ice Mongolian BBQ, attached to our resort.
I had not had Mongolian BBQ in years, OMG, it was so good! I made a mess of BBQ shredded pork, bean sprouts, sausage, cilantro, bok choy, and lo mein noodles and smothered the whole thing in BBQ sauce. It was incredible.
This resort was awesome; walking distance to everything I could want!
Our room was walking distance to all the bars (Not that we went very far at night, as it was eleven degrees outside) and if I wanted a racing form, the casinos at Stateline were just a block away! Of course, I could go online and use https://www.bcasino.co.uk/ but I wanted to give this ago for a change!
Downstairs there was a pizza place that made an amazing curry and mascarpone pizza (I saw this pizza on menus in three different ski towns in two days, is it just an in thing to eat after the snow?)
Plus, there was a donut place downstairs, Heavenly Donuts, and a Seattle’s Best Coffee. WTF, am I in a time warp? I thought Starbucks bought out Seattle’s Best Coffee years ago?
The sad thing is on this trip, I enjoyed no wonderful coffee stops. It is really so sad, Mammoth is suppose to have to great coffee shops. I just was not in the mood for coffee, so weird, right?


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