Valley of Fire State Park ( And Painful Pretty Flowers from Hell)

Don’t ever, ever touch the prettiest flower in the desert.
When hiking in the desert just remember that the flowers hate you and they are usually covered in thorns.
The pretty white desert flowers may look soft and intriguing but take my word on this, unless you want to be pulling tiny little thorns out of your fingers for the next two days of your vacation, do not touch the pretty flowers.
Follow these few simple rules and you might just enjoy your stay at Valley of Fire State Park.

If you run up a thirty foot red sandstone rock on a eighty five degree day you may spend the next few date complaining about how badly your legs hurt.

You may also get a ton of tourists ( you know the ones who all just go to the visitor center and see the whole park by car) gawk at you with their mouths wide open as you run all the way up a big fucking red rock and most these people can’t even walk to the top of this same rock.

I did wear my running shoes for our Valley of Fire day hikes, as a week later I still had terrible blisters from the last time I wore my hiking boots ( my summit up San G)

If you are as lucky as we were and see big horn sheep in the park, do not follow them up close to get a better picture.

Sheep so get angry and they do charge; this was not a smart idea.
Okay but if you do go hiking after the sheep for a better photo shot, point at the sheep in the picture and not this pretty bush, as I am doing.

If you go to Valley of Fire I do suggest going in April; the wild flowers in the desert against the red rocks were simply stunning.