Trashy Women, Smelling Trees and a little Square Dancing… Mountain Life

    Oktoberfest weekend; good times?  
   Let’ s hope so!
   It began with a cocktail, with toes in the pool and wet Labradors shaking tasty dog water into my drink…

Photo by loves2fartlek

    From there we were off to the Phoenix club in Anaheim for “The best Oktoberfest in all of So Cal…”
    And free admission as well!
    I was starting to wonder… Is two Oktoberfests in two days going to be to much to handle?



Photo by loves2fartlek

 I like my woman just a little on the trashy side.
  When they where their clothes to tight and their hair is dyed
   Too much lipstick and too much rouge
   Gets me excited and leaves me feeling confused
   Yes I like my woman just a little on the trashy side

   No joke that Confederate Rail Road song takes me back to my child hood. I heard it last night, at Oktoberfest in Big Bear Lake (Oktoberfest number two)  and it totally took me back to when I was a kid, listening to eighties country music while driving around in La Bomba our broken down, it might have been a classic once, old seventies car.

Photo by loves2fartlek


    As I sat at Oktoberfest sipping my beer I remembered some repressed memories of square dancing and I asked my  friends, did you have square dancing and line dancing at your school when you where a kid? That’s when I realized, yeah, this must be a mountain thing.
   I clearly remember square dancing, some where in elementary school, and hating it.
   In middle school I had to learn line dancing as part of physical education, and I hated that too. Which is kind of weird, because I did like country music. I’m actually really bummed I did not pay attention in line dancing class now. It looks really fun. Or at least the drunk red necks made it look that way.
   I was also reminiscing with another friend yesterday while on our morning run about the pine trees that smell like vanilla.
  I think her comment was,
    “Amber, how many pine trees did you smell before you discovered this fun fact?”
    Actually in third grade our class used to take nature walks (yes, because our elementary school was located in the forest) and our teacher pointed out to us that certain trees had bark that smelled like vanilla. I asked my good friend from elementary school about this today and she informed that those smelly trees  (In a delicious way) are Jeffrey Pines.
   I’m so glad every day that my child hood in the mountains was so mountain special!


  1. opinion8dhermit

    Its ok I have recieved odd looks for smelling trees. We should go hike back there, I remember doing a “tree study”, curious if I can find my tree over 20 years later. And square dancing ugh it still strikes fear and dread in me. I absolutely hated lining up in the cafeteria and always getting stuck with some sweaty critter of a boy t odance with and just being revolted

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