Tough Mudder

  Sometimes not have the ability to swim has its advantages.
  Like when multiple people ask me why I’m not doing Tough Mudder this weekend and I have a valid excuse “I can’t swim” because pulling my tired sore body through twenty military like obstacles over a course of ten miles looks a little to rugged, even for me.
   I have a few friends who did Tough Mudder last year in May ( you know the year people were getting hypothermia because they were swimming through the Snow Valley Reservoir then jogging up Slide Peak and oh yeah, it was ten degrees at the top?) I was just watching the video of last years event the other day and even though it took place in May, the trees are covered in a thin layer of frost. I tried to re find that video on line and I couldn’t, but I did finds this one.

   Some days I’m glad that I’m eight percent disabled.
   It is a good excuse not to do Tough Mudder.
   It looks hellish and no fun at all. (Okay, maybe a little fun)
   I will just continue doing my own thing, doing my morning jog up Slide Peak near the reservoir by myself.
   As I drove across the rim of the mountain today, I noticed that one of the bed and breakfasts in town has a bill board saying Welcome Tough Mudder.
   I would think muscular pro athletes are not the type to stay in a b and b, don’t you think?

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