Today’s commute is brought to you by Del Taco

    Randomness is just a part of my daily life and it was no different today as I raced down my local highway 330 to work an evening shift. I was taking my favorite mountain curves at the speed limit 55 when I came upon the daily traffic break where Cal Trans was doing their thing, getting our roads ready for winters muddy embrace.
    Its totally normal to get stuck behind a traffic break at the top passing lane, its a little weird when instead of waving a red flag at me to guide me on my journey, the flagger waves a burrito at me.  I guess Del Taco’s better then no flag at all, right?
     But wait there’s more from today’s random mountain drive…

    The pilot car, that I would be following down the highway?
     had a portapotty attached to it.
    Does this have anything to do with the burrito lunch?

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