Tired of sounding like a man

      Its now been six days with out a voice and I am tired of sounding like a man. I thought this sexy Stevie Nicks voice was fun at first, but its getting annoying. I’m tired of shouting at little old ladies at work, I’m tired of not being able to sing. I’m tired of having to repeat myself on the phone. I’m tired of people telling me
     “You must be really sick, you sound horrible!”

444 year old Lodge Pole Pine

      I just called the 24 hour nurse line and they basically said there is nothing wrong with me. So its time for throat coat tea with a gallon of honey and half a lemon grove added (Yea, Vitamen C!) This is annoying, and I’m over it.
     I feel fantastic, and that’s why I’m sure I’m not sick. I went on a six plus mile hike yesterday, no problem. This morning Alicia and I hiked almost three miles to see the largest Lodge Pole Pine in California, and I was perfectly capable of hiking up and down hills with no trouble breathing or throat pain.

     I wish I could say I hurt my throat doing something fun like yelling at flatlander’s who can’t drive or belting out both the male and female parts of Moulin Rouge, but no. I did nothing, as far as I can tell. I thought it was from the smoke in the air from the Apple Valley fire the last few days, but its been six days now!
     I’m tired of sounding like a man! I want to be (or at least sound) like a girl again!
    The good news was this morning’s hike was fantastic. Drove near Cedar Lake in Big Bear, never been off roading over there before. There were all these super green meadows with skunk flowers… So pretty and yet skunky? The Lodge Pole Pine is over 444 years old. Wow. It started from a seed in the times of Shakespeare and Rembrandt. Isn’t that incredible? Lodge pole’s need extreme cold weather to survive and thrive. The pics of the tree don’t do it any justice, but I tried.

such a pretty meadow, yes its this green

In all my years living in the mountains, this is one of the best views I’ve ever seen


  1. 3rseduc / handsinthesoil

    Crap I hate when I comment and forget my comment. Hmm. I do remember part of it, that I have always wanted to see the lodgepole pine. Oh! I remember! Your man voice could be a yellow pollen voice. I had it about two weeks ago??? Something like that. Mike was cracking up because he said I sound like those ladies with the hole in their neck from smoking, the “I was a Vegas showgirl once” kinda creepy ladies. THanks Mike. lol.

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