The Training Starts Today…

      I obviously had to decide to conquer Mt Whitney for the second time when I was in the worst shape I have been in, well, in at least three years.

      Seriously it was an effort to run two miles this morning, my calves and ankles were aching a mile up the huge steep trail I was struggling to run up.
      Luckily I spotted two hot fire fighters running ahead of me on the trail and that gave me something to focus on and I powered through and even improved my pace a little. I didn’t want to look as pathetic as I felt lumbering up the steep trail side barely at a jog and wheezing heavenly.
      The night before I had convinced a gaggle of friends that we should climb Mt Whitney, 26 miles round trip, in a day.
      And how much time did I have to train for this massive hike?
      Five weeks. ( I want to weep just thinking of the timeline; shit what did I sign up for?)
      Here I am day one and I ran two miles today ( followed by twenty minutes of running the stairs in my cabin with a heavy back pack filled with three bottles of wine, that’s less face it, I would rather be drinking right now)
      It’s going to be a challenge to get trail ready in five weeks.
      The next four days of camping and hiking eight miles a day should help though.