The Streets of San Diego

     Its weird being a small town girl visiting a big city.

    Even if that “big city” I only three million people (As far as big cities go, not really that big)

     I’m not going to say I dislike it; I mean I enjoy being able to walk places.

    I like the idea that in the a.m. I can go for a run on the beach minutes from the lobby of our hotel.

    I like the fact that I can walk three blocks to Jimbo’s the local natural market.

    I don’t like the constant beep beep honk honk of the trolley and train going by all damn night long.

    I prefer the sounds of birds, stellar jays squawking and even my neighbors annoying roosters.

    But the city is a great place to visit for a few days and enjoy being able to walk down town at night and have some drinks.

    Its nice how down town is a walkable distance. I don’t think I could ever live any where like this, be it San Diego or London, but it is nice to get away for a few days and see what it’s like to be in the city.

    This evening as the sun set into the Pacific Ocean covered in a mist of clouds I walked down Front Street behind a guy my age who was taking his German Shepherd for a walk down the paved streets and I thought to myself, how sad, that dog deserves to be running in a forest through pine trees and wild flowers not on a lease through city streets, horns blaring in the distance.

     And I guess that was what life in the city comes down to for both people and animals alike.

     Pretty city sunset though. (Taken from our hotel rooms balcony)

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