The Best Day of Zion’s Life

   I’m pretty sure this is the best day of Zion’s life.
   He is an indoor cat who very rarely gets out door privileges.
   Today I let him go out to eat some grass for a little bit and some how he caught a lizard.
   He has never caught anything bigger then a fly (And one horrible day a bee) Ever in his life.
   He has been playing with this blue belly lizard for the last twenty minutes.
   I have never seen such a happy cat.
   No joke, he was so excited, at one point he puked.
   I have also decided lizards are way smarter than cats.
   The lizard keeps playing dead and Zion keeps losing him in the dirt. No joke he was sitting on top of the lizard for five minutes, crying at me because he could not find the lizard.
  Unfortunately for the lizard Zion is an indoor cat and does not realize the lizard is prey and his instinct should be to kill it, eat it and get the fun over with.
   His indoor cat instinct is to carry it around in his mouth, constantly bringing it over to me so I can look at it.
   I know it might sound kind of mean to let him play with the lizard but lizards are damn hard to catth, they are fast, I think he deserves to have an out door cat moment.