That One Day I Was a Smoker

Anyone who knows me knows that I completely loathe cigarette smoke. I have spent so much time in my life bashing people who smoke and complaining about secondhand smoke and the terrible smell and it’s health effects. I absolutely cannot be near people who smoke, it completely disgusts me. I don’t mind people who vape as much because the vapour tends to smell much nicer, therefore it doesn’t bother people who come into contact with the second-hand vapour. Unless these people have bought the best mods that produce excessive clouds, it doesn’t bother me!

So obviously today when I was at work I had to somehow lean into a giant tobacco mess. Next thing I know a coworker of mine is running up to me and asking me “what is that giant brown stain on your lovely white Guess blouse?”

It was the most terrible ugly brown tobacco stain you’ve ever seen. I have no idea how I managed to somehow brush up against something with tobacco on it but I did. Obviously this was at the beginning of my work shift and I spent the entire day after that reeking of tobacco. All day long I felt so disgusting every time I moved I got a whiff of this terrible, terrible smell. It just blows me away that how many people smoke cigarettes and go around smelling like this all day long. It’s so beyond disgusting. I was so disgusted by the way that I smelled for the last four hours of my work shift.

But not to be one of those people who just complains about cigarette smokes and does nothing about it. On April 16th I’m going to do the Los Angeles Fight for Air Climb event at the Aon Center in Los Angeles where I will be on a team with some friends and coworkers and we will climb
something like sixty flights of stairs to raise money for the American Lung Association.

I’m not just some random person who complains about breathing and secondhand smoke all the time. My best friend has lung cancer and I had another really good friend pass away from one cancer five years ago. It’s the most terrible, terrible thing to watch someone literally choking to death because they can’t breathe. It blows me away how many people smoke and what you’re doing to your body. My grandpa is 89 years old and after smoking I don’t know how many packs a day for his entire life pretty much he’s now at the point that he can’t even leave the teeny tiny room he lives in because he can’t breathe enough to walk far away from the bathroom. Because of years and years of smoking he’s now facing the last few years of his life trapped in this room attached to oxygen 24 seven.

If you were in the last few years of your life and you knew it would you want to be out there and doing something and maybe be able to at least leave the house and not be stuck in front of the TV 24 seven? That’s honestly no way to live. It blows me away in this day and age that people still smoke at all.

If you don’t want to contribute any money for this amazing cause that is no problem. All you have to do is stop smoking today.
Or maybe just think about the second hand smoke that you are blowing into the faces of friends, children and strangers.
Lung cancer doesn’t just affect smokers. It truly affects their love ones and they feel that affects for the rest of their lives.

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