Today made me so very thankful that I can come home after a long day at work and hug my pets.
   As soon as I walked in the door at midnight the first thing I did was hug both my cats, my face snuggled into their warm fur as tears leaked down my cheeks.
    I’m so thankful for every day I get to spend with them.
    My coworkers cat had a horrible accident last night and all today all I could think about is poor Noah and Fatso the cat. It is so sad to see a friend so devastated. I could not imagine being in that same situation right now.
   I might have called Zion an asshole fifteen times last night but I love that little asshole, even when he steals my tube of goat cheese or puts his puffy tail in my coffee mug in the morning.
   I love Sierra no matter how many times he throws up every where.
   I feel so blessed to be able to come home every night to my two kitties and that they are happy and healthy.
    I feel like my heart is breaking for my friend and everything he is going through this week.

NaBloPoMo November 2012