Thank You Ojai

Thank You Ojai
The good thing about Ojai is it prepared me for India. Don’t get me wrong, it was such an unbelievably beautiful place as I drove down the mountain pass and into the crop filled rolling hills of Ojai, California on a late spring day. It was unbelievably beautiful. I was trying to find a cycling trail that I had discovered so many years ago, before I was into biking. I was able to find the trail easily, a bathroom not so much. I had been driving for so many hours since I left Big Bear Lake, California, and I desperately needed a bathroom. I’m pretty sure that Ojai is an Indian word for no Banos (that’s bathroom for y’all white folk.)

I stopped at two different public parks, both bathrooms after a long walk were locked. Finally I stopped for gas at the Valero gas station in Ojai. After filling up I walked inside to use the restroom. The girls who work there informed me that they don’t have a public bathroom. I have to admit I was a little bit annoyed because I just pulled up for gas there, what kind of gas station doesn’t have a public bathroom?

At least the two girls who work there were nice and informed me that there was a public bathroom a couple blocks down. I managed to somehow squeeze my thighs together as I thanked them. It was close; I was going to make it there. And when I opened the door I saw the kind of carnage you would only expect to see in India. I know because I researched India because I’m going there in eight months. This bathroom adventure prepared me for what I will endure when we journey to India in December 2016.

Thank you Ojai.

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