Ten Ways to Save Water… For Dumb Dumbs

“Oh MY God! WE ARE IN A DROUGHT!” Is what our glorious Governor Moonbeam of California proclaimed yesterday and yes, we must as Californians cut the amount of water we use daily and try to save water.

It blows me away that this news is such gossip, so shocking to millions of Californians. It shocks me further that it’s just right now today that all these Californians are realizing that we should be conserving water, something I have been doing for five years!

Hello? Have they seen how empty our rivers, lakes and reservoirs are? Do blond bimbo True Religion wearing Californians not realize that we don’t have winter anymore?

I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week (Which saves shower time and it’s healthier for your hair) In general I take super fast showers, and I mean most people I know take long showers. Right there, that really helps save water.

I don’t wash clothes that are not dirty AND I drink mainly vodka instead of California’s sacred H20!

In my small mountain town we have had water restrictions for years! While the rest of California is dealing with pandemonium over not being able to wash their Lincoln Navigators or Lexus SUVS, we have been not washing our dirty Subarus and Jeeps. We water our yards when it is almost dark. We don’t wash down our driveways. Up here at over six thousand feet we try. I personally do not waste water one bit! My water bill most months is under fifty dollars a month, because I love to save water.

I never wash my car. People comment all the time on how dirty my car is and for years my answer is

“Yeah, I know. We are in a hundred year drought.” I don’t really care how many times people right wash me in the crust of dirt on my Subaru. I will just write, we are in a drought stupid, under it.

So, you may be asking, how do you help save that twenty five percent of water waste?

I have some tips for you on how to avoid wasting water.

1. Stop washing your car!

Do you really need to wash your car once a week or every two weeks or take it to a place to be detailed? To be completely honest when I see people washing their cars it makes me a little angry; especially when the weather forecast calls for rain in a few days. Washing your car wastes so much of California’s precious water supply. I literally get so angry and want to shout obscenities at people when I see them washing their car. It’s like Aqua Tourette’s.

2. Don’t wash down your driveway.

Now this seems like an easy one… Who washes down their driveway instead of sweeping or raking, you are thinking, right? Well let me tell you, my friend owns the restaurant next door to my house and maybe once a month I see him wash down his driveway, wasting so many precious gallons of water, and once again I get the Aqua Tourette’s. It’s not pretty.(null)

3. Change out your water softener regularly. Make sure you buy a good quality water softener, or check out some reviews at waterfilterway.com/best-water-softener-reviews/ if you’re not sure which to get. You could even buy a water descaler instead! This will save you gallons of water a day and the water descaler is easy to install! My boyfriend just bought this Eddy Water Descaler and he loves it! This will save about fifty gallons of water a month.

4. Don’t let the faucet run while washing veggies. Fill a tub and just rinse your vegetables all together in it. Washing your veggies this simple way will really help you save water.

This smelly cat probably needs a bath.

5. Don’t put a bunch of gunk down your garbage disposal. This is a big water waster. Compost what you can and trash some of it.

6. If you absolutely must water plants, water them very late in the evening before it gets dark. This way the water does not evaporate quickly and your plants get more use out of it.

7. Fix any leaky taps! This doesn’t even need to cost you much because most of the time all you need to do is replace a tap washer. Even if your tap only drips 10 times in one hour, it still wastes 182.5 liters in one month.

8. Don’t wash your cat! Seriously, I don’t give my cats bathes any more. They just stay dirty. Dogs on the other hand stink (In my opinion) Maybe wash your pets slightly less than before.

9. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth, shaving, etc.

save water
Here in California we really need to try and save water

10. Just don’t be a dumb dumb

Seriously, use your brain and think about your actions and what they doing to this state, this country and this world. Visit our lakes and reservoirs and see how low they really are before you break out the hose and wash the car.

I used to have this coworker who made the coffee in the morning.

She would put the water jug under the spout, turn on the water to fill the gallon jug and walk away for five minutes. This was recently when, yes, we were already in a terrible drought situation. This was not just a one time thing. She did this every day. Every day I would turn off the water and seethe and try my best not to get all Aqua Tourettes. Don’t be Lynda with a Y. Don’t be a dumb dumb. Try just a little bit to help California’s water situation since Mother nature can’t.Save water

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  1. Kay

    Aqua Tourettes! Funny. Serious situation though. I agree with you. I don’t even wash my stinky dogs. I use my wash cloth after I shower to rub them down. Kinda gross, but I am not nearly as dirty as they are. hahaha Showers in our RV are limited to 3 gallons every other day. We have had no complaints. 🙂

    1. Post
  2. CC

    My kids are forever leaving the water running while they brush their teeth….it makes me CRAZY! All that water totally wasted…for what?? It seems so common sense to just shut the faucet off. Ugh. Great post. Good reminders…all of them.

  3. Dave

    Unfortunately, in the state of CA, all consumer water uses combined waste less water all year than the Almond industry wastes in a single week.

    The (relatively) trivial amounts that can be saved by all consumer efforts combined won’t even make a blip in the water supply.

    But you can feel good about it. Legislate away, activists.

  4. Adrian Holloway

    Good point Dave, but I am not sure that’s accurate. About 10% of CA water is used by the almond industry – it’s a nutty growth sector that supplies 80% of the world’s almonds!

    I read that home water consumers account for about 15% of our State’s water.

    Anyway, if anyone is interested – here are some great articles on the subject.



  5. Johanna @ Green Gourmet Giraffe

    We had drought for years and years – I thought it was forever and so were habits but it passed and people are not as careful with water though hosing driveways is still frowned up (after great advert – don’t be a wally with water) and I’ve never heard of anyone washing a cat – our cat does a great job of washing herself. But I think it did change us and hopefully will make the next drought a little easier. For example, I think the gardens are more likely to have indigenous plants that need less water – a friend of mine even gave away her rose bushes

  6. Katy SkipTheBag

    I fully support your drinking vodka rather than water. 😉 I bet it makes for some fun times. We’ve only bathed our cat once and it was the roommates idea. The dogs however can get smelly, but we usually wait until that point to wash them. Thanks for sharing on the #wastelesswednesday blog hop!

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