Take off that ridiculous Hat!

     Border patrol agents world wide hate me.

     I don’t know what it is about me. I always approach, passport in hand, smile on my face and say ” yes sir or mame” maybe it’s that I’m so nice after waiting in line for three hours that makes them yell at me every damn time.
     Years ago I was traveling abroad, flying London to Munich and wearing a colorful wool winter hat. It was winter and about twenty four degrees outside and pretty damn cold!
      I didn’t think about taking off my hat as we went through passport control; I had beer and German chocolates on my mind!
     My friends still laugh at me to this day that the passport control dude yelled at me
     “Take off that ridiculous hat!”
     It was the same thing leaving Mexico.
     We waited in the border check line for three hours, this was Thanksgiving weekend, and we were pretty damn exhausted by the time we could actually see San Diego behind the gates of the border.
     Everything seemed fine as we handed over our passports, than the border agent yelled at us to take our sunglasses off! Okay I never realized that you should take off your sunglasses going through border patrol. It’s Southern California! I mean my sunglasses are basically part of my face!
     At least I wasn’t wearing a ridiculous hat this time.


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