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How I trained for Mt Whitney

Summiting Mt Whitney is one of my all time favorite treks into the eastern sierra wilderness. It’s difficult, it’s rewarding and sometimes it requires you to poo in a wagbag and carry out your waste. Summiting this gorgeous fourteen hundred foot mountain is not every hikers cup of tea (Or pouch of GU if you …

Bad Ass Dog Mom’s Guide to Summit’s San G with your Pup

Last week I had to tell my pup to “Drop it!” on the trail. Why was Dog Mom raising her voice this time? Because man’s best friend had part of a deer leg, hoove still attached, in her mouth. Being that I am the best Dog Mom ever (In her pea-brained mind) she was thrilled …

The Tastiest Homemade Trail Mixes for your day on the Mt Whitney Trail

trail mix

It’s just barely March and I am already dreaming of fourteeners. One California snowy fourteener in particular. Yes, every winter in our household we start daydreaming about hot summer days in the eastern sierras and summiting Mt Whitney, the highest mountain in the continental United States. I live in sunny southern California in a rural …

All I got for Christmas was this damn Giardia

I’ve got my fingers crossed that Santa does not deliver a case of Giardia to The Hungry Mountaineer this holiday season after I had to do the ultimate wilderness culture no-no yesterday and drink from a crystal clear creek on my seven hour-long trek up San Gorgonio, the highest mountain peak in Southern California.