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Kerala Coconut Chicken Salad with Glass Noodles

Kerala, India is an excellent place to visit as long as tigers don’t chase you and you enjoy hot humid tropical weather with at least eighty percent humidity. Besides threats of tiger maulings, Kerala is a fantastic tropical destination to spend a few days in the jungles of southern India. The beaches of Kerala may …

The Best Fish Curry with Tamarind and Coconut Milk

“Fish on!” Those are the magical words anyone in the fishing community loves to hear. When I really started to get into fishing ten years ago I actually thought my friend John coined this term himself and it wasn’t until a few years ago when I met my boyfriend on a fishing trip and then …

The Hungry Mountaineer’s Anglo Indian Slightly Healthier So Cali Fruit Cake

Baking an Anglo Indian authentic fruitcake is a lot more complicated than whipping up a pan of American style brownies or baking a Food Network-ish cheesecake. Yet, have no fear all ye Holiday bakers! The Hungry Mountaineer has made the best slightly healthier and much easier Anglo Indian Fruit Cake!

Anglo Indian Mint Chutney with Serranos and Mango

mint chutney

Today amongst the falling fall leaves floating in the mountain breeze, I voted for the first time in the city of Big Bear Lake and I also made the most unbelievable mint chutney. I tried to do my civic duty with my mail in ballot but I filled out one of the state propositions very, …