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This hike is powered by Seafood Ghee Roast

How did I power up 4,000 feet in the snow when most people are just getting into the office on a Monday morning? This hike was powered by Seafood Ghee Roast with Greek Yogurt. It’s my special power breakfast, Reserved for days when I burn over two thousand calories in a morning, yes, I think can justify drinking clarified butter for breakfast.

The Hungry Mountaineer’s Anglo Indian Slightly Healthier So Cali Fruit Cake

Baking an Anglo Indian authentic fruitcake is a lot more complicated than whipping up a pan of American style brownies or baking a Food Network-ish cheesecake. Yet, have no fear all ye Holiday bakers! The Hungry Mountaineer has made the best slightly healthier and much easier Anglo Indian Fruit Cake!

The Hungry Mountaineer’s Complete Guide to a Anglo Indian Mountain Thanksgiving

It’s the week of Thanksgiving and I’m trying madly to pull myself away from hiking up mountains and mountain biking up fire roads because it’s almost the holiday and hosting an Anglo Indian Thanksgiving means meal prepping a few things ahead of time. Do I really need to set aside my hiking boots and my …

Paneer Cheese Stuffed Spinach Parathas

Last August under the hot Colorado sun I learned how to make homemade parathas from my Anglo-Indian boyfriend’s mother, an expert at this age-old Indian flatbread. She gave us a quick course on authentic paratha making 101 at our campsite in the gorgeous mountains outside Telluride.  This was six months after I visited Karnataka and Bangalore …

Rose Cookies, a Christmas Baking Adventure

Spending the Christmas season in India in 2016 may have spoiled me for life. Besides discovering Rose Cookies and eating my body weight in Butter Chicken and Parathas I absolutely loved our India Holiday adventure. Even when we were stuck in an India airport for eleven hours rewriting The 12 days of Christmas and coming up with …