T is for…Teeth-A-Rexia

   I’m really not paranoid about a lot of things in my life. I’d rather live life and be happy and not be stressed out about the random things that don’t really matter in the long run.
   I do stress out about the color of my teeth.
   I might have a mild case of tooth-a-rexia.
   You see, whenever I look in the mirror my teeth do not look white to me.
I have been thinking about getting my teeth whitened sometime soon.
An old colleague of mine recently had her teeth whitened by a Dentist in Newmarket and the results do look impressive.
I might have to do some research to decide whether this could be the right treatment for me too.
  However, my best friend tells me that if we went dancing at a club, my teeth would glow under the black lights, they are that white.
   When I look in the mirror, they do not look white to me at all.
   So I spend a lot of money on Crest White Strips, which make my teeth super sensitive but yea!
   They are white again!
   Even if it means I can not enjoy ice creams like chocolate Mochi’s because my teeth are super sensitive to cold, damn it.


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