Surviving The River, One Bloody Gash at a Time

    I knew I was going to hate the river.
    I don’t like the heat.
    I don’t like bros.
    And I’m not an alcoholic so it would seem that a day at the river might be stretching a fun experience for me.
    You know what, a day at the river on a Thursday in June was not to bad. I actually had a really good time and I am looking forward to two days at the river, in Parker Arizona in a few weeks.
    After a day or two at the river, from what I hear, most people limp home with a hang over and some great stories.
    When I went into work today I was definitely limping but the story was not the best.
    The lesson I learned from my day at the river was this..
    Do not drink margaritas and than go hiking.

    Yes I came to work this morning with a giant gash in my foot and limping so badly I could barely walk.

    But I had an amazing time, as you can clearly see from this picture of me dancing to honky tonk music on top of this vintage seventies speed boat.