Squeak Squeak

   Apparently some people feel that I tend to profile peolple by how much ink they have.
   What would you think if a man who’s face was completely covered in jail house tattoos started talking to you about kangaroo rats at the local Shell station?
  Also he was driving a brand new shiny Jaguar in the 909, an area that is not Beverly Hills and does not see those kind of bling bling vehicles.
    The nice tattoo face man informed me that there was a mouse stuck in my fog light and he had been watching it run around in there for quite a while.
    Yes, when I re told this story to multiple people I assumed he had stolen that car.
   His face!
   Was covered in tattoos!
    Who tattoos there face?
    Criminals, right?
   My boss pointed out maybe, just maybe he was a successful tattoo artist “Because those guys make  a lot of money”
    Any who, it would appear that I have a mouse stuck in my fog light of my Subaru.
   Did any how,
   Lets just hope my mountain driving knocked that little guy right out of there.
   Or my car might start to stink soon.
    I know when I did this too.
  I was off roading on my way to the Peace Pools the other day and completely bottomed out in the dirt, and apparently scooped up a little mouse in the process.
   And yea for making new friends at the gas station.

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