Spam Musubi with Brown Rice

I’m 33 years old and today I ate spam.
I know I know it’s probably chock full of GMO’s and pork?
Question mark?
Is it really pork?
I am so not proud of this fact but it’s been a random day in general.

Today I did a six mile snow hike after breaking three toes two days ago running in snow and kicking rocks, ( not on purpose) drinking wine and deluging my Breaking Bad Disease, I mean addiction.

I’m not proud of the fact that I keep dreaming about Spam but I am planning on turning the Fatty Hawaiian rice sandwich thing I keep thinking about into a brown rice kind of healthy snack.
The Hawaiians call this Musubi.
It’s Spam and white rice with teriyaki sauce wrapped in a seaweed sushi wrapper.
I am yearning to try this Hawaiian treat with brown rice.
I deserve a Spam treat after a day of hiking 2,400 feet up the Momyer Trail on the way to Mt San Gorgonio.

This trail is hard on a normal day but in four inches of snow it’s really a bitch.
Momyer is the steepest way up San Gorgonio with the most altitude gain.
After doing this six mile section of the trail in a little snow my calves hurt so bad for days I could barely get up my stairs at home.

Healthy Spam Musubi with Brown Rice
1 cup pre cooked frozen brown rice
1 can spam
3 tab teriyaki sauce
5 seaweed wrappers
Slice the spam. Cook the spam in a saucepan.
Turn off the heat and pour the teriyaki over the spam.
Lay a slice of spam on a piece of seaweed. Top with a little teriyaki sauce, add a scoop of rice.

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