Sierras Prep

      It’s hard to believe two months ago I climbed most of Mt Whitney.

      Today on this sweltering hot fall morning I fought my way a mile up trail before I had to turn around to go to work and believe me it was rough.
       The last two months have been nothing but one bodily problem after another and I feel like shit as an athlete today.
       I have dreams in my head of running a marathon in February and at this point it’s looking impossible.
       The close goal though is the Sierras in eight days with my boyfriend and that will mean hiking ten miles a day.
      Runs like this are just training for the Sierras so I don’t look like a wuss.
      And it will begin to get easier, this marathon training in a few weeks when the weather cools down a few degrees.
      Today is rough though and it makes me feel terrible as an athlete when I remember the kind of shape I was in six months ago.
      My new workout regin involves doing the workout videos Insanity and I absolutely love it and its giving me new fitness goals to focus on and a little break from trail running every single morning.
      And its nice to have some core workouts and use some muscles other than just my legs, calves and hamstring.
      I saw a cartoon once comparing women runners bodies to tyrannosaurs Rex and believe me, for most women runners I think that is a likely comparison with our buffed out thighs, hamstrings and calves off set by our skinny arms and upper bodies.
      Now who wants to look like a T Rex?
      That right there is motivation for training hard core this week.