Randomness on a Sunday

   Some times you just have to be random.
   Today when I started my morning run, it was six thirty and a little chilly.
   So I wore my favorite grey leggings.
   At least they were my favorite, until two days ago. While in my painting frenzy I leaned against something tan, and got paint on my favorite grey leggings.
   I can’t be that upset as they have multiple tears in them.
   As I ran up the sharp inclines of one of Keller’s Peaks trails, I was getting hotter and hotter and more miserable.
   Soon, it occurred to me that I had a box cutter in my pack.
    Shit, I should just cut my leggings into shorts!
   And I did; and they look awesome!
   They look like expensive legging shorts you would buy all paint covered at Nordstroms!
   I do have a bloody gash from the box cutter though.
   Maybe to much coffee, box cutter and legging shorts don’t mix?
   Plus now I have cool grey leg warmers!

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