Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head

Right now I’m squinting at the computer screen.
Its hard to type with soap in your eye.
My morning shower was not successful. First I needed to look for a shower kit on sites like https://www.tileredi.com/redi-shower-kits and now I find that there is something else that I have to sort out. It’s never ending.

Last night when I slid up my icy driveway at midnight I could hear a gurgling creek, when I opened my car door and carefully walk/ slid up the ice to my front door. It was a relaxing sound in the cold mountain night as i gazed at the stars in the night sky above me.
Then I remembered that I live a mile from the creek and there was no creek out side my front door when I left that morning.
On closer inspection, a pipe had burst in my street. Was I going have to call someone like sagewater out? Was everything going to be ok? Was my house going to be ok? I can’t believe has burst in my street! Well, under my street actually. Were some utility workers going to have to come and use a steel trench box in order to fix the pipes underground? A river was now running down my street into the snow. This same pipe has burst two other times since the summer.
So I got up this morning, had some coffee, wasted some time online and listened to the sounds of Arrowbear Water Company yelling and trying to fix the broken pipe again. After an hour of being up and generally wasting the morning away, I realized there was a good chance the water would be turned off and I needed to get in the shower NOW.
I made this realization a little bit to late.
Lets just say I really wish Arrowbear Water had told me not to have so much fiber for dinner last night before they started messing with my water pressure.
The water is not exactly turned off, but its barely a trickle, not enough to flush the toilet, hardly enough to wash my hair. and a real pain in my ass.
I was in the shower, trying desperately to wash my hair and shave my legs before my date tonight, when the water pretty much shut off. I wiped my head around frantically and in doing that got an eye full of soap, ouch. Then I frantically started washing the shampoo out of my hair with practically no water, while shivering, because suddenly with no hot water it was very cold. Why can’t I have working indoor plumbing like a normal person? I wanted to scream. If only we had people like the Plumbers who can clean blocked drains in Bellevue Hill, my friend told me they came out for an emergency and gave people time to wash up beforehand, it would have been nice.
So now my hair is a disgusting mess, I have one hairy leg and I have to leave for work really soon. I could drive two miles to my parents and complete my shower, but for one thing, its freezing outside, my hair is a wet soapy mess, and I’m cutting it dangerously close to being late for work.
Why couldn’t they just fix the pipe right the first two times?

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